Documentary: WKRC-TV: Celebrating 50 Years

We all love origin stories. Several years ago, my friend Gary Templeton gave me the opportunity to write and co-produce WKRC-TV's life story for the station's 50th anniversary. We took a colorful, interview-driven approach for this important image piece and earned an Emmy nomination for best lighting that year.

Nick At Nite: Classic TV Countdown Interstitial segment

Shouldn't all classic TV episodes be re-enacted with puppets? We thought so. That's why we tried to kick start the revolution with this scene from the first episode of Jack Webb's 1960's reboot of Dragnet. This video gets two hand stumps up! Way up! (I produced/directed this segment. TV Land's Tom HIll and Rick Groel wrote it.)

Interstitial: The Met Set DVD

Several years ago, I wrote and produced a DVD about my favorite classic car: the Nash Metropolitan.

I digitized two original filmstrips that the car maker created to educate dealers about the Metropolitan. Then I added a ton of facts and interviews with the people who designed, built, and sold the car back in the 1950's. (Think of it as VH-1's "Pop Up Video" meets educational filmstrips.)

This segment is an introduction to the DVD. It also instructs viewers on how to interact with the DVD. This thread, or branch, assumes that you've never pushed the PLAY button as instructed. Watch as the narrator grows increasingly frustrated by your failure to push a simple friggin' button.