Kroger: Energy Conservation spot 1

Facility engineers are like moms at Kroger. They spend their lives telling people to shut doors, turn off the lights, and stop wasting energy.

Instead of lecturing employess, I tried a manga-style, animated comic book approach to a subject that Kroger takes very seriously.

Cartoon Network: Friz Freleng Channel ID

Once upon a time, I had the opportunity to work with the inspiration for Yosemite Sam: Warner Bros. animation director Friz Freleng. Here's the result!

Nickelodeon: The Adventures of Pete & Pete promo

This show will become retro cool, because it always had a laid-back, adult sensibility. And when all you kids who grew up watching Nick in the 1990's get some disposable jingle in your pockets, you can demand that this promo be added to the DVD box set. (I was pleased and exhausted to write, produce, and direct it.)

Nick At Nite: Lassie topical promo

Nick At Nite was legendary for its retro cool, less-than-worshipful attitude toward classic TV. I was grateful to write and produce this promo for a network that I more than worshipped.

TNT: Crash of the Titans promo

What do you get when you mash up the old Nick At Nite with Turner Classic Movies? You get the early TNT. Before they knew drama, TNT knew how to have irreverent fun with Ted Turner's giant film library. Here's an example. (First ask the flight attendant for water and an Oxycontin.)

Kroger: Energy Conservation spot 2

Kroger's profit margin is approximately two percent. It's important to run a lean, efficient operation so that you can end up with two pennies on the dollar. The facility engineer's sole purpose in life is to find ways to save/scrimp/conserve energy. This spot is another attempt to help them to encourage employees to reduce costs without all the finger-wagging lectures.