Cowork space

A friend sent me this very interesting article about cowork space in Ohio.

Basically, if you like being a freelancer, but you HATE the isolation, loneliness and despair, cowork space could be a good solution. (Please escort me to my Steelcraft computer table in the middle of a rehabbed 19th century factory building. I could use some community and some hip surroundings.)

According to the article, there’s cowork space in Akron, Columbus, and Cincinnati. But there’s none in Dayton. (Cue the pitiful groan from the studio audience.)

Gem City, I’m begging you to surprise me with some progressive thinking. Stop creating more vacant office space for giant corporations. Start building gathering places for small corporations! Of course, I’m just one drone, but I’ll be there’s a whole hive out there that would respond to an idea like this.
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