History of Photography: done!

Yup. Finished. From camera obscura to cameras in our cell phones, I cranked out a script for Tricia Nolan on the history of photography.

Truth is, when I got the final script back from Tricia, I had actually cranked out the bones for a script. Very few of the fleshy parts remained. But that’s the nature of creative collaboration. We’re all helping each other inch forward.

At one point, Tricia was a little flustered and apologetic about not giving me enough helpful creative direction. I was feeling adrift as well, but I had to remind myself that the creative process is often one of discovery. Sometimes you don’t know what you like until you create a couple of things you don’t like.

By the way, I’d like to thank Mr. Vinny Steves (a pal from my Nickelodeon days) for helping me get this job. I didn’t lobby him for it. I didn’t suck up to him (too much). I simply contacted him back in September through Linkedin. When the job came along, he remembered me and recommended me to Tricia. Good old-fashioned networking triumphs again.

Anyway, the project is done. Now if only I could get Tricia to tell me the name of the film that we were working on.
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