Today I did a big little thing.

It’s always the little things that amaze. Like watching my Gone Autos traffic spike 60x times.

Today, I did a small, simple thing that paid off handsomely.

I made a piece of cool content. I posted it to the Gone Autos web site. Then I told the right people about it. And they flocked to the site.

The details: I’m pretty good at restoring vintage radio commercials. I have some audio restoration software called iZotope RX. It allows me to see what the tonal range of the audio looks like. I use it to manually remove imperfections like clicks and pops.

So I spent several hours and restored a 1954 Nash radio spot to near perfection. One click removal at a time.

Then I mixed the spot so that you could hear part of the unrestored audio followed by the restored version.

THEN I contacted all of the people in the Nash Car Club of America and told them what I had done. I instructed them where to go and how to listen to the spot.

The result? My web site traffic ‘sploded! Gone Autos is very new. I only get one or two hits a day right now. And usually, they’re me tinkering with the site.

But today, 60 visitors (maybe more) were magnetically drawn to the site by the lure of free, rare content.

I made $2.03 from Google Ads today. Yeah, that’s about the price of a crate of year-old Peeps, but that’s two bucks I didn’t have this morning.

Here’s the moral. It’s always the simple stuff that works. Create. Promote. Create. Promote. Rinse. Repeat.

Do that, and you’ll slowly, surely build your audience. Maybe they won’t buy your swag or services on their first few visits, but if you keep giving them irresistible stuff, you’ll build a trusting relationship with them. And then they’ll buy.

Today, concept validated and lesson learned. Tomorrow, rinse and repeat.
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