You know what they say about classic cars? It’s better to run them regularly. The machine stays in better shape when it’s used.

It’s the same with your brain. I found that out these past few days when I tried to get ready to shoot some on-camera stand ups for the very first Gone Autos video podcast.

Even though my b-roll wasn’t organized and I hadn’t done any research, I thought I could just breeze through the script, because I was writing from personal experience.


I felt sluggish, distracted, and uninformed. Consequently, I had to postpone the shoot, because I simply wasn’t ready. Shooting was/is/will always be the last thing I do in the production chain. It has to be that way, because the link that comes before it is the script.

I feel stupid for my complacency but also renewed. I will NOT produce crap that results from laziness and complacency. Time to put in the hours and do the work. Time to shake off the mental oxide. Time to get the machine moving again!
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