Production schedule scheduled!

I had a great meeting last night with my production team. We hammered out a production schedule for the Gone Autos web site launch. Looks like we should be ready to go around January 15th. I don’t know whether I’ll have all the content ready, but at least they’ll have the bucket built.

I also had a meeting with Pat Newcomb of The Entrepreneur Center here in Dayton. I presented her with my business plan. She gave me some resources for groups that are similar to Mastermind Groups. I think I’m going to need a peer group like this, because I find that I really respond to peer support and, well, being around my tribe.

One interesting thing that Pat said to me was that in order to make my business work, I would have to find more people like me. In other words, I’ll have to find more people like me in the classic car hobby. Are they out there? Not if you read magazines like Hemmings Classic Car or many of the other classic car magazines geared toward DIY mechanic types. But I DO think they’re out there. Otherwise I wouldn’t be trying. And I’ll keep trying.
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