MailChimp's brilliant piece of marketing

Most of the 10 of you who visit my site regularly know that I’m working on launching a classic car web site/brand called Gone Autos.

I opened a free account with a company called MailChimp in order to do some email/newsletter marketing. I thought the whole process of email marketing would be fairly straightforward and simple.


I learned this by reading MailChimp’s ebook Your First Email Marketing Project. It’s diabolically clever.

The premise of the book is simple. Sure, you can do email marketing all by yourself! Just carefully follow these 13,027 steps! Be a good Photoshop designer, know the CAN-SPAM Act, rigorously test your email in 12 different email programs. Plan your campaigns carefully. Check your stats to monitor your email campaign’s progress.

Yes, MailChimp assures us with a wink, you could DIY this process. Or you could just make it easy by signing up with MailChimp.

As MailChimp lays out its case step by patient step, the company never fails to slyly remind us each step of the way that MailChimp automates a lot of the work for us. It’s like Chevrolet saying, “Of course you can build your own car. Here’s how!” Then they show you diagrams, give you detailed instructions, and end with “Or you could just buy one from us at your local Chevrolet dealer.”

By detailing the complexity of the process, MailChimp brilliantly markets the way it makes things easy for its time-starved customers. Ingenious. They had me at “Hello! This is hard! Outsource it to us!”
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