I finally figured it out. Is it too late?

Currently, I’m starting a full--time brand devoted exclusively to orphan cars. I have great help and a good business plan. (I use the term “good” loosely. Who knows?) But a recent epiphany has troubled me.

I love orphan cars and the true grit it takes to own one. Parts are hard to come by. My car is often alone in its class at car shows. My tribe is small. But I made a choice to own a unique, lesser-known piece of American automotive history. People pass right by the rows and rows of vintage Mustangs to get a look at my Nash Metropolitan. My tribe is small...but loyal as hell.

Nevertheless, I’ve often felt like an outsider in the hobby. I don’t like fixing cars. In fact, I kinda hate it. I always hated sliding underneath the family’s ’65 Ford Falcon just to tighten up something that was loose or falling off. The grease and crud that fell into my eyes while beating the transmission with a socket wrench annoyed the crap out of me. I got no sense of fulfillment from these soul-killing chores.

But these tasks are vital to keeping the cars running. And my audience loves, loves, LOVES doing this stuff. I feel like a gaijin even among my tribe. I’ve always wondered if I could reconcile the fact that I’m a classic car fan who hates fixing cars.

Then recently, it hit me like that socket wrench I always drop on my face. I love the thought of marketing these cars. I’ve always wished that owners would do a better job of promoting their cars when they take them to car shows. Car fans could do a MUCH better job of displaying their cars and telling their stories. In fact, I think that could be a business that I could be incredibly passionate about.

Uh oh. But I’m already working on the Gone Autos brand. But I could really own classic car marketing! But I’ve already spent precious resources on the orphan car brand. Oh God. Cue background music for existential crisis.

What do you think? Should I drop what I’m doing, and move over to the thing that I really love doing? Or should I continue with the thing I really like doing (and maybe develop what I love doing later)? Your thoughts, please!
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