The first roller coaster pluuuuuuuuunge!

I had my first meeting with my web design team this evening. It was a blast! We talked about the redesign of my classic car web site and how I was changing my revenue model and my content model and how I needed them to help me design look and feel and increase functionality and...(life-sustaining air suuuuuuuuuuck)...well, you get the idea.

What I learned from them is that I’m diving head first into social media marketing. I simply thought I was trying to employ a few new tricks, but my designer was totally familiar with what I was doing. Apparently her mom is doing some of the same things. “So why isn’t everyone who’s using these tactics rich?” I asked. “So many choices,” she replied. “It’s hard to stay focused on just a few tactics.”

And that’s the key. I’ve decided to pursue three revenue-generating strategies as I relaunch my classic car site. And I’m going to stick with them to build my audience and start to earn some money.

The problem is, I can’t exactly see where the bottom of that first roller coaster hill is. These are get-rich-slow strategies. At what point do I know if I’m not succeeding? How do I know if I’m on the right track? Why does the track look like it dips into a lake? Who built this friggin’ coaster, anyway?? (Oh, yeah. I guess I did.)

Well, here’s to that first guts-in-the-throat plunge!
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