I wanna crush/kill/destroy.

I’ve been listening to a lot of entrepreneurial self-help podcasts lately. A lot of voices are urging me to find my natural brilliance and work in my sweet spot. These people are wonderful, and I respect them for what they do. But my inner smartass is suffering from all of this feel good altruism.

My inner smartass is scanning around just looking for something to demean, deride, and destroy. I just wanna pick on something or somebody! Is that so wrong? What if acidic sarcasm is my natural brilliance? Should I keep this superpower locked up like a doomsday weapon? Is it healthy to do a Bruce Banner and suppress the urge to hate on someone who make Hulk mad?

Truthfully, these life coaches and podcasters are keeping me from spinning out of orbit right now. My natural inclination is to turn my superpower inward and bludgeon myself with fear, doubt, and self-loathing. But the chicks don’t dig insecure guys, so I turn to this self-help Justice League just to keep me sane and moving forward. If I didn’t have these folks soothing and advising me through my iPod right now, I would be paralyzed in the fetal position. (Anyone who wants to start his own business after living most of his working life in a cubicle knows what I mean.)

But for all the time I’m learning how to bounce back from failure, switch my way of thinking, and find my natural brilliance, sometimes I just wanna kick back and open up a six pack of verbal whoopass.
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