Vintage Nickelodeon and TNT fans: welcome!

Hello, Anonymous YouTube viewers (and maybe some long-lost friends)!

If you’ve come here because you’ve watched a few YouTube videos of some work that I did for your favorite cable networks in the 1990s, I’m honored.

A lot of young ‘uns look back fondly at the 1990s as some golden era in Nickelodeon/Nick At Nite history. Generally, I’m not one to romanticize my past. But there’s an element of truth to your shiny, candy-coated memories of the TV we made back then.

While it’s true that a network is almost always defined by its programs, Nick and Nick At Nite also invested heavily in their promotion. At Nickelodeon and NAN, we were allowed to produce promos with attitude. We were a great group of writers and producers, and we were allowed to be funny, brash, tellers of truth.

I’m going out on a limb here, but I’ll bet that most of you who remember the Golden Era of Nick At Nite remember it as much for the promos as you do the programs. One of the reasons I wanted to work for them was because I loved the way they crafted their image week after week. Those little promos were 30-second masterpieces, and I wanted to create a few of my own before things changed. (Happily, I got my chance.)

Taking editorial chances was expected of us, and we all competed to make the funniest, most inspired promos.

Sadly, no one is doing that today. The stuff that runs on the TVs in Target’s electronics department has more attitude than 99% of all cable network promotion.

I would love to see more network promotion that’s as entertaining as the programming. I would love it if our approach to retro programming and image promotion wasn’t so…so retro.

Isn’t it time for some bold cable network to shamelessly copy us? When can I look forward to a remix of the sensibility we had in the 1990s? I don’t care if you’re producing programs about top soil erosion or fracking. Just tell me what you stand for and why you love the programs you’re showing. Cable networks: show me your personalities. Prove to me that I shouldn’t simply call you My Linear Playlist or Episode Barn.
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