More viewers, no effort

I wanna tell you a secret. Come a little bit closer. Ew, limburger and pastrami for lunch? Okay, back where you were. And here’s a Tic Tac.

I have a secret YouTube channel. It’s not that I’ve been withholding this information. It’s just that I knew you wouldn’t be interested. Selflessly, I’ve been sparing you the stifled yawns and glazed eyes that I would see if I brought up this topic. I know how embarrassed you get when you’re caught looking flagrantly bored.

But I thought this little anecdote might be useful to you in the future, so I’m sharing.

You can find my secret YouTube channel if you go to YouTube and search for Promotodd. That’s my channel for my orphan car footage.

I’ve had over 20 clips from my film library available on this channel for more than a year now. Originally, I uploaded the clips to support a fellow car fan’s web site. He writes history articles, and I convinced him to link to some relevant clips that I uploaded from my archive.

Over time, I’ve received many comments on various clips. The channel has been useful for determining what orphan car fans are interested in. It has also helped me figure out my audience’s demographic. Turns out my audience is primarily men between between the ages of 35-64. (No real epiphany there. Just confirmation.)

The interesting part for me is how my views have grown over the last year with absolutely no promotion.


Take a look at the yearlong chart that graphs viewership over time. You’ll see that views have steadily risen over that time. Right now, I average about 120 views a day with zero effort on my part. Some days higher; other days lower. But the average daily views statistic is going up.

A microcosm of the yearlong view is the weekly view chart. You can see so far that my daily views for this week have mostly exceeded 120 views/day. (That plunge at the end of the chart is because I took the picture of the chart early in the day. That number will be higher by midnight.)

Lessons Learned:
  • If you have good content, you don’t have to pull it down off of the site. Keep it up there, and let people discover it. If it’s short , people will spend the time to mine the content of your channel. Doesn’t matter whether people see you tending it or not.
  • Imagine how much higher my viewcount would be if I promoted this YouTube channel or uploaded content regularly.

That last lesson is the one that resonates the most with me. It’s the lesson I’m going to act on as I launch my new Gone Autos site. I’m convinced that audio and video content will drive viewership of the site much more than words and pictures. Expect a lot of audio and video podcasts. Maybe even a few live events through services like Livestream.

I always, always, always wanted my own TV channel. I just never thought I’d get it through the internet. Stay tuned!
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