Mail Chimp earns banana!

You and I, we have a billion stories about lousy, awful, bordering-on-war-crime customer service. Our mouths froth and gurgle with venom when we think about all the times that we’ve paid companies to do something for us, and they return the favor with apathy, negligence, and/or hostility.

Happily, I have a different story to tell today.


I am covered in my brand!

The classic car world has never had a sense of humor! The car shirts they wear are always a mess! Too many graphics, too much type, advertisements for car shows that nobody remembers, (insert mild upchucking sounds here).

Todd wearing 1st Gone Autos t-shirt
Friends, I aim to grab the wheel, stomp on the accelerator, and get the hell out of Somberville. Thanks to Ed Ford, my graphic artist and co-conspirator, I’m on my way.

Check out the very first Gone Autos t-shirt design. It looks a little like a cartoon, but it’s really an info graphic.

See, every Nash Metropolitan owner who has ever taken his car out into the public has been asked, at one time or another, The Question. “Is that the car that floats?”

The first time we hear it, we laugh it off and explain, “No, that’s the Amphicar. This that car.” The second time, we’re not laughing as much, and we have a better answer. The third through 457th times we hear The Question, we’re not smiling anymore. Starting with the 458th query, someone’s gonna get hurt.

So I worked with Ed to design a shirt that answers the question without any explanation or subsequent bloodshed. He did a great job, and the shirt is currently on sale in the Gone Autos Printfection store.

This is just the beginning of shirts that have a sense of humor, an insider’s sense of exclusivity, a pop cultural awareness, and/or an awareness of how our favorite orphan cars fit into the cultural zeitgeist. (Anyone wanna see a t-shirt on how to zombie-proof your Gremlin?)

Classic car fans know how to laugh. I just want to help them wear it on their sleeves and their chests. Starting now.


I found these words from the 2009 film Dorian Gray to be deep fried in the Batter of Truth:

People die of common sense, Dorian. One lost moment at a time. Life is a moment. There is no hereafter. So make it burn always with the hottest flame. -- Lord Henry Wotton

Stop making excuses. Stop procrastinating. Stop stopping yourself. Start living today.

Although the words come from the story’s main tempter and hedonist, they are, nevertheless, dead on true. (Don’t shoot the messenger.)

Just thought the 10 of you who infrequently read my blog would enjoy a few infrequent words of wisdom.