The Jesus Box is here!


The Jesus Box is finally, FINALLY here!

After months of waiting, drumming my fingers, rolling my eyes, and exhaling loudly in undiluted disgust, my Blackmagic
Intensity Shuttle box
Design Intensity Shuttle with Thunderbolt I/O box arrived in the mail yesterday.


Taking Stock Issue #2: Avengers or Justice League?

In the first issue, our hero took great joy making some money from an asset he had bought and made accessible. I bought some vintage 16mm films and had them digitally transferred so that they were TV ready.

But let’s face it: I was lucky. It’s the kind of luck you get when you spend your wages buying rolls of scratch-offs and win just a little more than you invested. Then you look at yourself and realize you haven’t shaved, there are scratch-off filings everywhere, and that rancid Spam odor is you.

Things just couldn’t go on this way.