My videos: the kids loved 'em!

Have you ever met your heroes? Did you learn that they’re incredulous that anyone remembers their work, much less admires it? To my shock, I’ve now played both roles: hero and fanboy.

Back in the 1990’s, I worked for TNT, Nickelodeon, and (for about a month) Cartoon Network. I kept some of that work, because I liked it and knew I’d want to show it to others someday.

Well, someday arrived. I created a YouTube channel to host some of this work and simply linked to it from this site. The results blew me away.

Almost from the moment I posted the Cartoon Network spot I created with Warner Bros. cartoon director Friz Freleng, I received comments from people as far away as Eastern Europe. One fan/archivist noted that it’s “interesting if this early period is undocumented.” Another fan called it a classic from the “checkerboard era.”

I had to laugh. I would do/say exactly the same things if I was a fanboy, which I was when I shooting that spot with Friz Freleng. And then to be envied, questioned thoroughly, and asked for more spots as if I was a hero...too funny.

I also got some low-octane adulation for the Nickelodeon and Nick At Nite promos. The Pete & Pete spot is now my highest viewed piece of work. I can live with that.

One more thing: some of the work that I’m most proud of wasn’t seen by almost anyone! Check out the two graphic novels I wrote for a Sinclair Community College customer service course. I would stack this work up against anything that I produced for a huge audience. Sometimes your most heroic work gets buried in the bottom of the trunk.

Features upgrade!

Hey, y’all!

I’ve added an Education tab to my The Work section. Check out all the work I participated in at Sinclair Community College. (I swear, I had zero money and maximum fun there. Why are those two ideas almost always mutually exclusive?)

I also added comments to the blog section. So take advantage of it, and say something! (Even if you’re off your meds.)

Thank you, Kitchener, Ontario!

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