The High Cost of Sanity

Yesterday I drove down to Cincinnati to partake in the Return to Sanity And/Or Fear Rally showing on the Jumbotron at Fountain Square.

Though it’s hard to see the screen in the accompanying photo, you can clearly see all 50 of Cincinnati’s finest progressive liberals. I was proud to be among the nervous minority. Nervous, because a lot of us were shooting cautious glances around scanning for more fellow members of the tribe. Alas, we ARE the tribe in Cincy.

We were all joking that the rock solid conservative majority that lives in Cincinnati knew that this was a comedy rally, because no whack jobs showed up to chant angrily or wave hand-scrawled hate-o-grams in our faces. Nevertheless, we felt ambivalent about local Republican apathy.

Cincinnati was kind enough to give me a little token of its civic friendliness. Of course, they expect me to return the favor in full within seven days (check payable to: Clerk of Courts of Hamilton County).

At least the Graeter’s store right there on Fountain Square was open and serving their classic French pot ice cream. Later, I went to Findlay Market and bought some Madisono’s gelato for an upcoming trip. (New orgasmic flavor: Concord Grape Sorbet!!!!!) I found out after I stuffed my cooler that Madisono’s WILL ship dry iced gelato! (Just a thought, Amy Linton.)

John Stewart was funny. Stephen Colbert’s fear puppet was hilarious. But in the end, the ice cream and gelato kept me sane.

Going to the Rally to Restore Sanity: Cincinnati Edition

I don’t know why I’m venturing into the Heart of Conservative Darkness to celebrate a liberal comedian’s plea for moderation...but I’ll be there. Saturday. October 30th at noon ET.

There will be a Jumbotron broadcasting the Rally to Restore Sanity followed by the Rally to Keep Fear Alive.

I think all 10 of us liberals (and armed security) will have a great time. I just hope they turn the sound up.

My First Wide, Small Car Documentary

Those of you who know me know that I LOVE classic cars. Specifically, I love orphan cars - the cars whose brands or manufacturers are out of business. (For instance, Studebaker, Packard, and AMC. All orphans.)

I have a 1961 AMC Metropolitan at home in the garage, and I run an orphan car hobby web site. I also have a big collection of 16mm and 35mm car films and commercials. When I get films digitized in the collection, I’ll offer them for licensing through Getty Images, (passive royalty income!), and I’ll put some of them on my YouTube channel.

Jeni Panhorst is a mild-mannered Project Line Manager at Intel by day. But when she sneaks home at night, she’s the owner of (She started it for fun. It blew up beyond all her reasonable interest in it. Now she just tends it occasionally.)

Recently, Jeni contacted me with the name of a dancer who appeared in a 1975 AMC Pacer commercial. This dancer simply wants a copy of the commercial for her web site to show her friends that she really was in the spot. I started communicating with the dancer and got her to agree to tell her story about making the spot.

It’ll be fun to put together this little interstitial piece for the orphan car crowd, because many of them are gearheads. They don’t know that actors and dancers often work hard or harder at their craft than wrench jockeys do.

I’ll let you know when this subcompact documentary is done.

Last thing: the title of this post refers to the marketing language that AMC used when it first introduced the Pacer: America’s first wide, small car.

Josh Mayes video

Josh Mayes is a photographer worth watching.

Recently, he won six awards at the Downtown Dayton Partnership photography contest. I managed to elbow all of his admirers and sycophants out of the way for two minutes to capture his description of Blinded Light Pathway, the photo that won Best of Show.

Take two minutes, and contact Josh yourself at his web site Mayes Photos.

Unleashed on an unsuspecting world!

Here it is!

A visual assault, a retrospective look-see, a disturbing journey through a turbulent mind, and in the end, another self-promotional web site made by a creative professional.

Nothing but slick, clean, delicious content served up weekly!

I’ll be adding more pages in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!