Hear this.

Quick update: I volunteered to write the soundtrack for a classic car museum here in Dayton, OH.

The Citizens Motorcar Company: America’s Packard Museum relented to my ferocious promotional onslaught and agreed to let me write and produce some radio spots that visitors will hear as they tour the museum. (Actually, I told the museum that I would do the work for free. They thought about it for 2.6 seconds and agreed.)

My pitch was to bring the presentation style of a retail store like Kroger to a museum. That means lots of short radio spots that talk about the cars, the men who built them, and the museum that houses them. We’ll also try to get some celebrities who own classic cars to record some short “Welcome” messages. We’ll put all these spots on an iPod, and set it on Shuffle. (Low maintenance is important to an all-volunteer staff.)

As a result, visitors will hear a soundtrack that’s energetic and contemporary. (The last thing I want to produce is material that makes a museum feel like a mausoleum.)

I’m excited to be able to work on a project that will help the museum and help Dayton’s image a little bit.

Stay tuned for updates!