Every podcast should have a great identity package to accompany it. As of yesterday, Gone Autos (my forthcoming brand devoted to orphan cars) now has one! And I wanna share a track with you.

Amazing, colossal thanks to Jeff Kinder, an old friend from my TNT days. Jeff helped to create music for our spots back in the early 90’s. In fact, one music cut he did for me ended up on the Sound Ideas Music Library CD’s. Back then, it was a spot for some Joan Crawford movies. Now it’s called Top Hat and Tails. (For those of you with this library, check out TBM301.)

Jeff created a 30-Second Open, a 60-Second Close, and three transitions that are between eight and 10 seconds. Here’s the 60-Second Close:


I asked Jeff to make it funky and to make it strut. I also asked him to incorporate some soundbites from my media library. (Jeff did a job for me back at TNT where he incorporated a bunch of soundbites from Andy Hardy movies. It was flawless after the first draft. That’s why I hired him again.) I also asked him to include the same type of rhythm guitar used in En Vogue’s My Lovin’ (Never Gonna Get It).

That’s all Jeff needed to create another classic.

I’ll hit you with a link to my first podcast using this package after I get Gone Autos launched.

As for Jeff Kinder, you better hire him before I book him for the rest of the year.
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