My no-nonsense Adsense story

Not too many strangers visit this site. Those that do seem to be looking for information about one of two things:

  • Report cards and/or report card envelopes
  • AdSense

Although I’m here to talk about the latter, here’s some info about report cards: I got nothin’. Folks, I just wanted to share my 2nd grade report card from 1972. That’s all. I wrote that blog post almost two years ago. Nothing further to see or learn. Return now to your Google search. I wish you well, young padawans.

However, AdSense is a different story.


Just. Made it.

It took one month of aggressive web site attention to get here, but I squeaked over the $100 threshold to earn my first Google Adsense check. Woot!

Not a great way to make a living, but it’s a decent by-product of paying a lot of attention to my classic car web site Gone Autos. If anything, it’s a validation of all that hard work.

Google AdSense check