The name of the new orphan car site

Most of the 10 of you who read this blog know that...wait a minute. Yes, I’m pretty sure there are 10 of you. Rewind.

Most of the 10 of you who read this blog know that I run a hobby site for orphan car fans. It’s called Torq-O. Over the years, I’ve tinkered with it. Toyed with it. Made products and sold them. Bought a TON of vintage orphan car films and recordings. Licensed my film clips to Getty Images and earn royalties every month.

But I never had enough time to turn this passion into a business. Recently, I decided to double down, reinvent the way I was living, and try to find a way to earn a living from my hobby. (Also, I realize that I’ve always wanted to build a brand. If Hungry Girl - a woman with whom I worked at Nickelodeon - could do it, why not me?)

So I’ve written a business plan. I’ve studied hard about ways to build a site and make passive income through the internet. I’ve hired a small team to help me build the site.

Now all I needed was a name. Truth is, I’ve had it all along. But I didn’t want to tell you, because the dot-com domain name was actually available. Now I’m not saying that I don’t trust you. I do. It’s just that someone outside of our tight knit circle of 10 might run off and buy the domain and squat on it. Forgive me. I had to play it safe.

When I relaunch (hopefully in January), look for my new brand: Gone Autos.
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