E-commerce squared

Okay, this is a little thing, but I wanted to share. No, literally. It’s little.

This week, I got my Square in the mail. Square is an internet startup that offers small vendors like me the opportunity to accept credit cards through my iPod Touch or iPad.

When you sign up, they send you this little square that attaches to the headphone jack on your Touch, iPad or iPhone. It has a slot
Photo on 2011-02-18 at 13.22
through which you can swipe credit cards.

Now I can offer customers a way to pay with their credit cards AND use my iPad as a cash register. Square will process their cards on the spot and email them a receipt. Painless. Paperless. Cheap.

There are other solutions on the market that do the same thing. My brother and I saw one from Intuit in the Apple Store recently. But those solutions charge you a monthly fee to use the service. Not Square. They charge you a percentage of the sale + a transaction fee. No further costs. You pay for it only when you’re using it. Me likey.

I plan to sell t-shirt designs at car shows this spring and summer. This little device should enable 15-30% additional sales. That’s a square deal, as far as I’m concerned.

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