The High Cost of Sanity

Yesterday I drove down to Cincinnati to partake in the Return to Sanity And/Or Fear Rally showing on the Jumbotron at Fountain Square.

Though it’s hard to see the screen in the accompanying photo, you can clearly see all 50 of Cincinnati’s finest progressive liberals. I was proud to be among the nervous minority. Nervous, because a lot of us were shooting cautious glances around scanning for more fellow members of the tribe. Alas, we ARE the tribe in Cincy.

We were all joking that the rock solid conservative majority that lives in Cincinnati knew that this was a comedy rally, because no whack jobs showed up to chant angrily or wave hand-scrawled hate-o-grams in our faces. Nevertheless, we felt ambivalent about local Republican apathy.

Cincinnati was kind enough to give me a little token of its civic friendliness. Of course, they expect me to return the favor in full within seven days (check payable to: Clerk of Courts of Hamilton County).

At least the Graeter’s store right there on Fountain Square was open and serving their classic French pot ice cream. Later, I went to Findlay Market and bought some Madisono’s gelato for an upcoming trip. (New orgasmic flavor: Concord Grape Sorbet!!!!!) I found out after I stuffed my cooler that Madisono’s WILL ship dry iced gelato! (Just a thought, Amy Linton.)

John Stewart was funny. Stephen Colbert’s fear puppet was hilarious. But in the end, the ice cream and gelato kept me sane.
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