Mail Chimp earns banana!

You and I, we have a billion stories about lousy, awful, bordering-on-war-crime customer service. Our mouths froth and gurgle with venom when we think about all the times that we’ve paid companies to do something for us, and they return the favor with apathy, negligence, and/or hostility.

Happily, I have a different story to tell today.

I want you to hear about MailChimp, the service that I’m using to send my email newsletters.

Last week, I swear it felt like someone lined my shirt with cactus spines. I was trying to create all of the necessary forms to
MailChimp postcard front021
make signing up for the Gone Autos Newsletter easy and painless.

Most of the process was fairly straightforward, but I was having one particular problem. After two online chats with customer service chimps, my problem wasn’t solved. I was turning green. Hulk wanted to smash things. Then came Kaitlin.

She was friendly from the first “eep eep”. I had three impossibly long questions that I asked her, and she answered them
MailChimp postcard back022
all with a smile. We joked back and forth a few times during the online chat. She even sent me links to a few YouTube videos. (Turns out that MailChimp has links to YouTube videos in every one of their monkey mascot’s dialog bubbles with you. Fun.)

After the chat, I finished all of the forms without any further hitches and moved on with my life. But on Friday, I received a post card from Kaitlin at MailChimp.

There are three things about this post card that pegged the Awsomometer:
  1. Those are Ninja Chimps on the cover.
  2. The Ninja Chimps are stickers. (Perfect for my pink unicorn/rainbow notebook!)
  3. I’m giving Kaitlin and MailChimp a total pass the next time something goes horribly, biblically wrong. The fact that they sent me a freakin’ post card earns MailChimp a mail bag of brownie points. Now they have to hurt me a whole lot to lose me as a customer.

And that’s the point, isn’t it? Why do so many other companies not get this? (You’re an eep thinker, Kaitlin!)
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