The Jesus Box is here!


The Jesus Box is finally, FINALLY here!

After months of waiting, drumming my fingers, rolling my eyes, and exhaling loudly in undiluted disgust, my Blackmagic
Intensity Shuttle box
Design Intensity Shuttle with Thunderbolt I/O box arrived in the mail yesterday.

Blackmagic promised it would ship during Q1 2012. Then they promised it would be “shipping in April.” Then “shipping in May.” I really wanted to smite them for their wickedness, but since Jesus is very New Testament, I’m going to turn the other cheek.

How can this gizmo improve your life by at least 37%, you wonder? If you’re a video producer with a lot of vintage content locked up on videotapes with no good way to digitize them, the Intensity Shuttle will part the waters and lead you to the promised land: a land of nectar, ambrosia, and 10-bit, uncompressed video files.

Introducing The Jesus Kit

Now that I have my Jesus Box, I’ll add it to the ultimate set of tools for releasing a lot of my vintage 16mm films that are are currently imprisoned on decaying Betacam SP tapes.

Doubters, behold! The Jesus Kit!!


Combined with a Thunderbolt cable from Apple and my MacBook Pro, I’ll be able to digitize any analog signal and turn it into any file format that I want. Throughput bottlenecks won’t be a problem, because Thunderbolt is about 10 times faster than Firewire 800. In addition, there are no separate power bricks. The Intensity Shuttle gets all the hot, delicious power it needs through the Thunderbolt cable. Rejoice!

I have a friend who will rent me an old Betacam SP deck for a week. That will be plenty of time to digitize 18 hours worth of vintage 16mm films.

Once those films have been transformed into ones and zeroes, I plan to buy Digital Heaven’s plug-in for correcting tape dropouts. It’s built for Final Cut Pro 7, and it’s called D-H_Dropout. (At US $59, it’s pricey. But it’s still cheaper than getting all of my films re-color corrected and re-transferred.)

Bottom Line

Once these films are low-compression digital files, I’ll be able to pore through them and create dozens of new stock footage clips.

Yea, verily, The Jesus Kit makes it all possible. Hallelujah!

The Rapture Report

As I wade through this process of digitizing all of these tapes, I’ll provide updates for those of you who might wonder whether the Intensity Shuttle is worth the shekels. Stay tuned!

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